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Ankur Ahlawat Staff asked 2 years ago

AEM CQ5 Tutorials discussions is a question and answer site for Adobe experience manager professionals or people wanting to enter into aem or cq.

If you have any questions on aem tools and techniques, learning, tutorials – feel free to ask them here. Our community loves any question on this topic – be it a specific question like:

While implementing this piece of code, I am getting following error?

or a generic, high level question like:

How do become an aem developer?

So, start your journey by asking questions or sharing your perspective with other aem professionals.

A few best practices to follow, while you are on the forum:

While asking the question:

  • Post one question in each thread. Do not post multiple questions as this will make the portal cluttered and unmanageable.
  • Make sure your heading to discussion is specific. For example, if you want to know about creating dialog in Touch UI, mention this in the heading. If you mention headings like Touch UI or dialog in aem, it will lead to wrong target audience and answers.
  • Make sure you put right tags & category in your questions. Tags & Categories make it easier for you to find out questions on a topic. If you do not use right tags, you will not reach the right experts.
  • Address the question to the community. Avoid one on one communications in the community.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes and poor language. It can make it hard for people to understand the questions.

While answering the question:

  • Do not just leave links in answers. You should provide your perspective and experience in the answer and add links as resources.
  • Focus on writing high quality answers. High quality answers take time, but help out everyone including you. Your reputation will increase by writing these high quality answers and people will love reading these answers.
  • Do not start new off-topic discussion while answering a question. Post a new one, if there is a need and you can refer to previous question.
  • Please do not do self promotion. At times, there can be a thin line between answering and self-promotion. The community will use our discretion to flag self promotions.
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Mujafar Shaik answered 2 years ago

What does it mean the status Fragment of a Bundle and is it mandatory to have Activator.java file in bundle?

sahil answered 1 year ago

Hi Ankur

how to start learning AEM from scratch.


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