Rajat asked 3 years ago

What is a need of having two different dates jcr:lastModified and cq:lastModified in AEM and when which one is used ?

I have looked over internet and adobe docs but didn’t got any clarity.

jcr lastModified vs cq lastModified

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Ankur Ahlawat Staff answered 3 years ago

cq:lastModified is present at jcr:content node level, means it is available on all those nodes whose jcr:primaryType is cq:pageContent. Where as at all other nodes types jcr:lastModified is used.

In general we can say that if any content is getting modified through aem functionality it will refer and update cq:lastModified and everything else that is using JCR core functionality will refer and update jcr:lastModified. Both properties can’t be present on the same node.

Note:- jcr:content( cq:pageContent ) is a structured node and has a sling:resourceType property which points or refers to the component that contains the sling script which will be used for rendering the content.

Chandrashekhar Hire answered 1 year ago

Any modification on page by an authoring activity i.e. on component dialogs or page properties dialog, it always associated with jcr:lastModified and jcr:lastModifiedBy properties on the respective nodes (i.e. if content modification is done on component then node type is nt:unstructured and if it is page properties like jcr:title then it is cq:pageContent).

For each content modification on the page as part of authoring activity, cq:lastModified and cq:lastModifiedBy properties on the jcr:content node gets updated; no matter on which component the modification have been done. Hence, if there is a modification on page properties like jcr:title then on jcr:content node, cq:lastModified, cq:lastModifiedBy, jcr:lastModified and jcr:lastModifiedBy property values get changed.

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