Michał asked 3 years ago

Hi, my Boss asked me to think about any Task to do something in AEM for candidate developer to our company, but I just started to learn so my experience is not enough to invent such task. Would You be kind enough to suggest any medium level task?

Best regards, Michał

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Ankur answered 3 years ago

Hi Michal,
Right now i am organizing all posts in sequence. So that it will be easy for a beginner to learn AEM. As i have seen multiple blogs but all are totally un-organised.
Once it is done this week, from next week i am planning to start a small project online , which will help beginners to learn all features of aem.

Paulette Strickland answered 1 year ago

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ashu answered 11 months ago

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Ashwini answered 8 months ago

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Stanley answered 7 months ago

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