SQL-2 Query

Harish Singh asked 2 years ago

I am Facing one issue. My article date property i.e jcr:datetime were stored in below format. Where property type is date
Jcr:datetime 11/11/2017
So when i do order by jcr:datetime iam getting improper results because jcr:datetime type is string not date. Without chaining the type in my whole content. Is there any solution where i can do with sql-2 query.

SELECT * FROM [cq:PageContent] AS s WHERE ISDESCENDANTNODE(s,’/content/rewrite/en_us/topic’) and s.[jcr:datetime] IS NOT NULL order by s.[jcr:datetime]

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Victoria Carson answered 7 months ago

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Shehroz Qasim answered 7 months ago

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Angela Kinsey answered 7 months ago

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reyan answered 6 months ago

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