AEM Components and Templates

AEM Components and Templates Quiz provides latest collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to AEM Components and Templates in AEM. AEM Components and Templates questions has been specially designed for helping students and professionals for preparing various Certification Exams and Job Interviews.

Given the following selector: print.a4 and the URL extension is html, which script will Sling render?

How do you create a design dialog for a AEM component?
What should you do to switch from edit mode to preview mode by modifying the URL
What is the difference between Simple Versioning and Full Versioning?
Which is the correct way of requesting JSON representation of the content in AEM
What is the use of js.txt in clientlibs folder?
How to configure a CQ component to allow an Author to edit content without opening a dialog?
How to get the root node of a JCR workspace?
How do you delete a property inside a Node object?
How do you get the current rendering mode in  AEM component script?
How you can get the ValueMap of a resource?
You have created two templates, tempA and tempB. In the property allowedChildren of tempA you include tempB. You create a pageA based on tempA and add a property cq:allowedTemplates with a list of templates, but excluding tempB. Can you select tempB to create a page as child of pageA?
You want to debug a CQ HTML client library in the author instance. You want to avoid compressing the JavaScript file. What must you do?
What does an Item represent in a JCR repository ?
If your changes are NOT reflected in jsp. What should do you enforce a fresh parsing/compilation of the JSP file?
How you can get property value from a design dialog in CQ Component script ?
Which is the correct way of including CQ Tag Library in jsp?
You have a page and want to create a child page. Which property will determine which templates can be used?
Which xtype should you use if you want to reuse a part of a dialog in another dialog?

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