AEM Installation and Configuration

AEM Installation and Configuration Quiz provides latest collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to AEM Installation and Configuration in AEM. AEM Installation and Configuration questions has been specially designed for helping students and professionals for preparing various Certification Exams and Job Interviews.

You have renamed the CQ quickstart file to cq5-author-4502.jar. What is the correct way to install AEM 6 as a Windows Service?
Which command you will use to specify that you will be using an LDAP authentication in crx-quickstart ?
How do you copy .jar files jcr-2.0.jar and crx-shared.jar to the Websphere folder holding the shared libraries?
You have an AEM instance configured to use LDAP authentication. What is the purpose of sufficient parameter in “ ;”.?
You want to configure two hostnames pointing to two different site structures in the same CQ instance. Which configuration must be set in the Apache Web server?
How do you disable WebDAV access on the publish instance?
Which type of Replication Agent do you create to flush the Web server cache for a newly activated page?
You want to check the response time of a request for a page. Which log file should you choose?

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