OSGI Services and Components

OSGI Services and Components Quiz provides latest collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to OSGI Services and Components in AEM. OSGI Services and Components questions has been specially designed for helping students and professionals for preparing various Certification Exams and Job Interviews.

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Which tab in the Apache Felix Web OSGi Console is used to install OSGi bundles?
When you are saving or updating a configuration in the Configurations tab in the Apache Felix Web OSGi Console, where are these configuration settings saved?
Which is a difference between an OSGI bundle and a Java package?
Which OSGi configuration settings take over precedence on start-up?
What is the main purpose of using categories in CQ HTML client library OSGI Service?
How does the OSGi installer manage a bundle if a bundle with the same symbolic name is already installed?
To change the configuration of a bundle in the repository. Which location has the highest priority ?
You have changed the CRX admin password. Which console or tool do you also need to update?
What is the purpose of the Export Package Manifest header?
Which service scans the CRX repository for artifacts and provides them to the OSGi installer?
You have created a bundle in CRXDE. What does the .bnd file contain?
How does the Configuration Admin service use Persistence IDs (PID)?

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