AEM 6.1 HotFixes

As there are major technical and architectural changes comes with AEM 6.1 release, so we can expect many hot fixes will be released from Adobe to make AEM 6.1 stable.

Below is the list of AEM 6.1 Hotfixes recommended from Adobe. AEM Service Pack 1 from Adobe is also available now which contains all the updates for 6.1 till Feb 2016, we have to install below recommended hot fix on top of our AEM instance. To keep up to date , with latest security updates,performance updates,stability updates, bug fixes, patches and add-ons.

Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 Service Pack 1is the only mandatory service pack as of now as per adobe which needs to be installed on top of AEM 6.1 instance. Which targets to fix all the security, performance, stability, and key customer fixes and enhancements.

Note:- Adobe is also planning to release next service pack Service Pack 2 by Q4 2016.

Note :- All the below AEM 6.1 hotfixes are already included in service pack 1, except for forms.

List of important hot fixes included in AEM 6.1 Service Pack 1:-

December 15th, 2015SecurityHot fix 8364Java de-serialization issues mitigation agent
August 22nd, 2015SecurityHot fix 6449Vulnerability in the Apache POI Library
July 15th, 2015SecurityHot fix 7085XSS vulnerability
June 2nd, 2015SecurityHot fix 6446Webdav security fix
May 28th, 2015SecurityHot fix 6500XSS vulnerability in the Assets user interface
October 6 2015CRX/OakHot fix 7700Oak 1.2.7, Repository size increasing rapidly fix
June 25 2015WorkflowHot fix 6972SegmentNotFoundException in workflow processing
June 5 2015MiscellaneousHot fix 6640Installing packages with Resource Providers can cause
installation to fail
June 8 2015MiscellaneousHot fix 6680The web console sometimes becomes unusable
after package installation

There are many more hot fixes that are included as a part of AEM 6.1 Service Pack 1.

 Click Here to get list of all individual AEM 6.1 HotFixes.


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