AEM : Top 5 Features in Adobe Experience Manager 6.2

Adobe has announced the official release of its new version Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 on 21-Apr-16 after the release of AEM 6.1 last year. It consists of all the Service pack and hotfixes of AEM 6.1 along with many more customer key fixes.

End Customers are having lot of expectation from AEM 6.2 to have tons of new features and out of the box components. I am personally very excited to see  how much we get from this surprise bundle of AEM.


Main Highlights:-

  • UI interface enhancements.
  • Support for Mongo DB Enterprise 3.2 is added as a part of repository enhancement.
  • Procedural failover support is added for cold standby tarmk architecture.
    Note:- Currently it is manual. Click here to see how to setup cold standby in aem.
  • Priority-Queuing configuration is introduced to prioritize urgent activation with low priority activations.
  • Package replication can be done from package manager itself. No need to activate individual pages.

User Interface Improvements:-

  • Navigation has been moved from side rail to overlay, to provide more viewable area for actual work.

ui navigation improvment aem 6.2

  • Search is moved to top bar, for easy and quick searching in all areas of product.

ui search improvment aem 6.2

  • Dashboard for monitoring queries (http://localhost:4502/libs/granite/operations/content/monitoring/page.html).

live query dashboard monitoring aem 6.2

AEM Communities Enhancements:-

The key enhancements are:-

  • Blogs are enhanced for blogging and commenting on publish-nodes.
  • Q&A enhancement for questions and best answer identification.
  • Adobe Analytics integration with built-in reporting dashboard.

AEM Content Fragment Enhancements:-

Rich Text page editor in AEM Touch UI has been enhanced to support Content Fragments. Content Fragment a name suggests seperates the content into fragments that can be reused and provides the ability to manage text-based content and it’s associated assets.

  • Stored as Assets: Content fragments can be created and maintained from the AEM Assets console.
  • The Content Fragment component is available to page authors. It allows them to reference the required content fragment.
  • Content Fragment can contains –
    • Text elements
    • References to associated assets (for example, images, videos, other fragments)

content fragment enhancement aem 6.2

Read more about Content fragment here

Template Editor and Policies AEM Site Enhancement:

Templates are used in aem to provide consistent page structure through out the project. Template console and Editor is one of the main feature that is shipped with aem 6.2.

  • Template console allows content  authors to:
    • Create a new template (either new or by copying an existing template).
    • Manage lifecycle of the template.
  • Template editor allows content authors to:
    • Add (available) components to the template and position them on a responsive grid.
    • Pre-configure the components.
    • Define which components can be edited on the resultant pages (created from the template).

aem 6.2 site template policy enhancement

Read More about how to use Template and Policies in AEM 6.2.

Note:- Template console and editor is only available in Touch UI.

Drill down Links:-

  • Click here to view AEM 6.2 release notes for detailed info.
  • Click here to view list of deprecated or removed features from AEM 6.2.
  • Click here to view list of known issues with AEM 6.2 which will be delivered either as hotfixes or with next major release.

Obviously we have lot more expectations then above features from AEM 6.2. Friends do comment below if you have any other feature in mind that Adobe AEM 6.2 should add.

All in all, AEM 6.2 come up with lot of UI and security enhancements. Looking forward to explore it further.

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