AEM WebDAV : Upload Media Files to CQ Server from Desktop

AEM WebDAV is a protocol used for transferring media content to CQ server. WebDAV allow developers  to display and edit the repository content, WebDAV gives direct access to the content repository through your desktop.

I have found out on internet that Windows 7 64-bit does not support mapping a WebDAV resource . So, in this tutorial we will see how to configure WebDAV in Windows 7. I am using free version of netdrive software to upload content to CQ server.

In this tutorial we will learn how to a upload image to AEM server repository on Network drive and local drive using WebDAV.

Steps to upload media files to AEM server using webdav protocol of netdrive  in windows 7

  • Download NetDrive from internet.
  • Install NetDrive on your computer and restart the machine.
  • Open NetDrive, scroll to bottom and click on setting icon of WebDAV.webdav-adobe-aem-cq-aemcq5tutorials
  • For connecting to local drive means if server running on localhost. Click setting tab enter below details.webdav-connect-local-server-adobe-aem-cq-aemcq5tutorials
  • For connecting to Network drive means if server running on localhost. Click setting tab enter below details.webdav-connect-network-drive-adobe-aem-cq-aemcq5tutorials
  • Save the details
  • Click connect button. your local/network repository will popup as shown below.webdav-connect-local-server-adobe-aemcq5tutorials
  • Go to appropriate folder and upload the images.
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