Create Custom AEM Mobile Emulator

AEM comes with a number of mobile emulators, which helps authors to test their content with same look and feel like actual devices without buying them.

AEM Mobile Emulator is very easy to create and flexible to configure according to authors need. Lets see How to create our own mobile emulator in AEM

Topics covered in this tutorial:-

Now lets see how to create a custom mobile emulator and configure it for authoring.

Create an AEM Emulator Component:

Create a Project and follow this tutorial to create a website structure first. Once you have create a website structure, then follow below steps:-

  • Open CRXDE Lite.
  • Go to <Project>/ <components> folder and Create a new folder by name emulators.
    create emulator folder aem cq5 tutorials
  • Right click on emulators folder and create a new component (for custom emulator)name myemulator and enter below details.
    • Label: myemulator
    • Title: myemulator
    • Description: This is my custom emulator – AEMCQ5Tutorials
    • SuperType: wcm/mobile/components/emulators/base
      custom mobile emulator component aem6
  • Click Next until you reach till last screen. Click OK  and click Save All changes.
  • Delete the myemulator.jsp as we are not going to use it. We will be using default jsp that is shipped with AEM.
  • Click SaveAll.

We have created an emulator component, now lets overlay it.

Create an overlay from existing Mobile Emulator

Now lets see how to overlay out of the box aem mobile emulators functionalities, to our new custom emulator. Follow below steps to overlay :

  • Go to /libs/wcm/mobile/components/emulators . Select the type of emulator you want to overlay. For example in this tutorial i am overlaying an Android Emulator.
    list of out of the box emulator in aem 6
  • Copy css and resources folder along with thumbnail.png from  /libs/wcm/mobile/components/emulators to /apps/training/components/emulators/myemulator folder. Now your project structure should look like below screenshot.
    • If you want to use different image for your custom aem mobile emulator, update thumbnail.png and images under resources folder.
      • Thumbnail.png- Image that used to be displayed in carousel.
      • sidekick-icon-android.png – Image that represent emulator in Sidekick.
      • bg.png – background image in which our content is displayed.
        overlay mobile emulator in aem 6
  • Double click on emulator.css, to modify it according to our new emulator. Replace class name android to myemulator for all matches. [Note:- ]
    edit custom mobile emulator css in aem 6
  • Select myemulator Node. Right click and create a new node with name cq:emulatorConfig under it of type nt:unstructured to store emulator configurations.
    • Note:- This node is used to store specific functionality, that you want your emulator exhibit in addition to default functionalities.
  • Add below Node properties on cq:emulatorConfig.
    • Name = canRotate, Type = Boolean, Value = true.  Includes the rotation functionality.
    • Name = touchScrolling, Type = Boolean, Value = true.  Includes the touch scrolling functionality.
      custom mobile emulator component config node properties aem6

We have successfully created and configured our custom aem mobile emulator, Lets see how to use it in AEM.

  • Open Tools (localhost:4502/miscadmin).
  • Go To Tools -> Mobile -> Device Group -> Smart Phones.
    add new custom emulator in aem 6
  • Double click on Smart Phones Page, to add custom emulator.
  • Click Edit.
  • Go to Emulator Tab and select myemulator from list of available emulators.
    add custom emulator to device group in aem 6

Test custom aem mobile emulator:

  • Open SiteAdmin.
  • Go to any mobile site Page. For ex: [Websites->Geometrixx Mobile Demo Site -> English]
    Open mobile page from site admin in aem 6
  • Double click English Page. Your Custom AEM mobile emulator will open in Touch UI.
    custom aem mobile emulator in touch ui
  • Replace editor.html to cf# in page url to open Custom AEM mobile emulator in Classic UI.
    custom aem mobile emulator in classic ui

Now Authors can test sites without owning the device, with same look and feel.

If you face any issue in implementing custom mobile emulator in aem. Please leave a comment.

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