Top 10 Features in Adobe Experience Manager 6.3

Adobe has announced the official release of its new version Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 on 27-Apr-17 after the release of AEM 6.2 last year. It consists of all the Service pack and hotfixes of AEM 6.2 along with many more customer key fixes.

Top 10 features that are introduced in Adobe Experience Manager 6.3:-

  • Introduction to Production-ready components:- Faster time-to-market with Adobe-vetted, production-ready components based on best practices.
  • Experience fragments: Composition and delivery of experiences to both owned web properties and affiliated properties, like Pinterest and Facebook.
  • Stable online revision Clean up(online tar compaction):- From limited support to full support for online revision clean up. As customers are regularly forced to shut down their AEM production environments for maintenance which prevents them from publishing content during that time. (Up to 4 hours a week).
  • Bulk workflow: Increased productivity with faster workflow-related tasks and ability to process multiple items in one click.
  • Performance and scale enhancements: Empower your teams to work more productively and efficiently with a broad range of enhancements to support large scale operations—including bulk ingestion, workflow processing, video processing and encoding, handling large files, repositories, and more.
  • Community ideation: New community engagement mode to source and surface the best ideas crowd-sourced from the community. Community can vote and rank to help prioritize and highlight the best content.
  • Source user generated content: Livefyre is now fully integrated within Experience Manager, enabling marketers to rapidly discover, filter and manage user-generated content into the central repository of Experience Manager. Unlock the power of user-generated content from social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and tell your brand’s most authentic and engaging story.
  • 3D assets: Repurpose 3D assets to accelerate time to market and save on production costs. Upload, manage, view, and render 3D content created from Creative Cloud or many popular 3D applications. Easily rotate, zoom, change colors, textures, backgrounds (stages) and lighting on 3D objects to create a new set of images from an infinite number of camera angles to use in digital marketing campaigns.
  •  Asset templates: Leverage self-service templates based on Adobe InDesign to create and export brochures, flyers and print ads that speeds time to market while complying with brand guidelines.
  • High-quality file format and color management: Experience Manager now uses Photoshop and Acrobat-quality image and PDF libraries to support high quality file operations such as conversion, previewing, raster and creating thumbnails and preserving color and embedded color profiles, using Adobe ICC profiles or your own. Deliver images with RGB, CMYK or grayscale so your digital assets look bright and beautiful across channels.

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