Restrict Content to Specific Publishers in AEM

The aim of this tutorial is to understand, How to Restrict Content to Specific Publishers in AEM and why it is required.

Mostly in all  multi locale projects , every developer face this scenario where client wants that for every locale specific publisher should be configured for publishing or replicating the content in aem. It is also recommended by adobe to avoid use of admin user for publishing all content.

Let’s consider below scenario where:-

  • ¬†We have one author instance and multiple publisher connecting to the same author.
  • Each publisher¬† is very specific to serving the content related to that region.
  • US publisher: US sites are hosted in this publisher and serves the same to end suer.
  • EMEA publisher: All EMEA sites content hosted here
  • APAC publisher: Only APAC content is hosted here.

author to publish content replication architeture

If Content author triggers any content from author instance, all the replication queue gets enabled and move content to all publisher. Due to this replication mechanism,  all content be synced with all publisher and creates unwanted storage on publisher instance.

How to restrict data between author and publishers:

We need  to create specific users related to each publisher on author USERADMIN [ http://localhost:4502/useradmin ] console.

EX: For author instance , create a user named as ‚Äújapan-queue‚ÄĚ and provide the required¬† permission as below.

Assign Specific Permissions to Users from Useradmin console:

  • Go to¬†USERADMIN [¬†http://localhost:4502/useradmin ] console.
  • Create a new user with name “japan-queue“. [ Click here to Learn how to create a user in AEM]
  • Double click on¬†japan-queue user¬†and go to Permissions tab.
  • Provide read permission to /¬† root level
  • From content allow only <project_specific_content_folder>¬†and¬†deny access to all folders.

provide specific permission to users in aem

Note:- In above screen shot :-

  • * (asterisk) There is at least one local entry (either effective or ineffective). These wildcard ACLs are defined in CRX.
  • ! (exclamation mark) There is at least one entry that currently has no effect.

Creating a forward replication agent in AEM:

Once user permission is set properly, create new forward replication agent and add the new user id ‚Äújapan-queue‚Ä̬† in agent user id tab.

  • Go to MiscAdmin¬†[¬†http://localhost:4502/miscadmin ].
  • Select Agents on Author page under Replication folder and create a new page using Replication Agent as Template.[ Click Here to Learn how to create Replication agent in AEM]
    create a forward replication agent in aem
  • Double click on newly created replication agent and edit its settings.
    forward replication agent aem

Once it is done, only  content related to japan will be processed via  this queue .

Testing Replication Agent in AEM:

Once done, just activate /content/japan pages and check the log. Now only Japan content should be replicated to ‚Äúforward-replication-japan‚ÄĚ.

test specific publisher replication queue


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