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About AEMCQ5Tutorials.com

AEMCQ5TutorialsĀ is a leading websiteĀ which provides comprehensive guides on various tutorials, dumps, interview questions and tips and tricks to learn and implement AEM applications. Itā€™s a complete pack of tutorialĀ and interview questionsĀ related stuff. Its is build uponĀ innovative concept to solve a problem.

AEMCQ5Tutorials was launched on 3rd Oct 2015, prior it was known by Simply Cracked. The reason for moving to new domain was to make it more meaningful to readers and keep technical stuff separate from general one.

The main aim of starting this website, to keep all the consolidated tutorial and interview questions under one roof. To provide a place where every one can store their cheat sheet for preparing if you want to upload any article feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] and we will work it out.

About Author :

Hi, I am a travelling guy who never sits on one place in office too šŸ™‚ , Love travelling and exploring new things. IĀ have quite a bit of industry experience in AEM . I have given a lot of my IT years in understanding the Adobe CQ5 tool and finally I thought that I should give something back.


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