Top 10 Features in Adobe Experience Manager 6.4

Adobe has announced the official release of its new version Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 on 04-Apr-18 after the release of AEM 6.3 last year. It consists of all the Service pack and hotfixes of AEM 6.3 along with many more customer key fixes. Adobe experience manager 6.4 consist of many major changes in terms of crxde structure like deprecation of /etc as well as features.

Top 10 features that are introduced in Adobe Experience Manager 6.4:-

Addition of Style System to template authoring:-

Style System allows template authors to define styles for component by simply selecting different type of classes from drop down. This will eliminate the need for creating different components for different style and made components more flexible and adaptable to need of content authors.

The AEM Style System was introduced with AEM 6.3 SP1 + Feature Pack 20593,and now available as part of aem 6.4.

aem style system

Addition of Short Codes in AEM 6.4:-

Now short codes are available as part of aem 6.4 for most of the actions like editing, copy or delete a page. You can see short codes displayed in brackets against respective actions. This enhancement will surely ease the life of content authors.

aem short codes

Experience Fragments Building Blocks and Experience Fragments integration with Adobe Target:-

Experience Fragment Building Blocks:- 

One of the most important enhancement in terms of reusable components is introduction to experience fragment building blocks. Content authors can now create a building block by selecting one or more components from an experience fragment and reuse in any experience fragment , its like experience fragment inside an experience fragment. This will help content authors when then need to create a variation of experience fragment and want to use a set of components that they have create in master variation or in any other experience fragment.

Experience Fragment building blocks aem

Experience Fragment Export to Adobe Target:-

Once adobe target is configured under cloud configuration. Content authors who has create experience fragment now has an option to export them directly to adobe target by simply a  button click.

AEM Experience Fragments integration adobe target

Structured Content Fragments and Summarization:-

Structured content fragment is again a nice enhancement that has been introduced in aem 6.4. Now we we can define content fragment model using which we can create content fragments. This will help content authors in restricting what amount or data they want to share with other third party applications.

AEM Content Fragment Model

Summarization is again a very cool feature that is added to content fragment which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to summarize a paragraph into specific number of words specified by content authors.

summarization content fragment aem

TouchUI Workflow Editor:-

Workflow Editor is moved from Classic UI to Touch UI. The overall functionality of the Workflow Editor remains the same. One thing that i like most is once you edit an OOOB workflow , its configurations automatically moves to /conf. This allow functional users to edit/customize a  workflow without the need of an aem developer (for small changes).

aem touchui workflow

Assets Enhancements:-

There are many enhancements that has happened on aem assets side, few of the major one’s are:-

  • Metadata Export and Import –> Import and export metadata in simple csv format.aem assets metadata import export
  • Cascading Metadata Rules –> Apply rules on metadata schema to hide/show property based on conditions.
    cascade metadata rules aem assets
  • Asset Reports –> Generate a detailed report based on selected criteria.

aem asset report

AEM Smart Tags and Smart Translation Search :-

AEM smart tags and smart translation search are two most highlighted features that has been introduced in AEM 6.4.

Smart Tags:- Using Smart Tag content authors can now train their aem instance to understand the type of asset being uploaded and tag them correctly automatically. It is highly useful when it comes to tag dark assets with correct tags to make is searchable.

Smart Translation Search:-  AEM Smart Translation Search allows users to perform searches for content in AEM using using non-English terms,it enables cross-language search and discovery automatically across AEM content, both Assets and Pages and supports more than 50 languages.

Their are lot more other features also that has been introduced with Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 release. But it is a small space to share them all. Soon you will see helpx articles on all of above mentioned topics.


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